Financial Economic Success Framework

The mission of CAHS is to end poverty and engage, equip and empower all families in Connecticut to build a secure future. From our policy initiatives to our financial capability workshops, everything we achieve through our programs is only possible due to the contributions of our volunteers. Join the ranks of those making a difference in thousands of lives every year.

Volunteer Application


We are always looking for new volunteers to fill a variety of positions. Complete our Volunteer Application or visit the following program pages to learn more about available opportunities.

For more information contact Nick Brundage, VITA Program Coordinator, or Sabrina Acosta, Bank On/CMS Program Manager.

Larry Rollins

Volunteer Spotlight: Larry Rollins

Why did you choose CAHS to volunteer?
As a Financial Advisor, I was looking to conduct seminars at Libraries and Senior Centers and found out about CAHS workshops. Once I sat in on a workshop, I became aware of CAHS and the programs offered. As my parents divorced when I was four, I stumbled into becoming a Financial Advisor and realize how important being educated on money matters is. I felt I could provide teaching and training that I didn’t receive except through my profession.

What has been your favorite thing about volunteering with CAHS?
Being able to educate those who are in the most need and assisting people in getting a plan together to get their life back on track.

What impact do you feel you have made through volunteering?
I feel we are planting seeds of knowledge in how those who feel helpless or overwhelmed can begin to take action. To become educated, knowledgeable and begin executing on an action plan to better themselves. My hope is that those who attend workshops and presentations will be advocates to spread the word so others can benefit.

What is your favorite part about the CAHS volunteer community?
I love meeting others who have the desire to volunteer to help others. Often we live in our own world and don’t get an opportunity to meet others from such diverse backgrounds, experiences and lives. Volunteering for CAHS makes me feel good as I know I’m helping others, giving back but also because I learn from other volunteers and those who attending the workshops. The best way to be Blessed is to be a Blessing to others.



Partner Testimony

Pamela Cummings - M.L. Keefe Community Center
It is my pleasure to have recruited and coordinated the free CT Money School classes with CAHS Partner Volunteers who have delivered very productive explanations of the various lesson plans. They have strong understanding of their craft in the financial literacy world and come ready to give understanding to those who do not have that knowledge and the willingness to teach it in layman’s terms, and we appreciate their passion for our community needs.

Lisa Roger - Norwalk Housing Authority
Norwalk Housing Authority is grateful for the wealth of financial expertise and services provided to our families through the Connecticut Money School and VITA. For over 6 years, we have relied on CAHS to provide financial education programs to help our families increase savings, understand credit and reduce debt. The volunteer instructors for the workshops are excellent, and they do a great job presenting the materials and engaging the residents. In addition, our residents rely heavily on the VITA program and services during tax season and truly appreciate the time and commitment of the VITA volunteers, helping them to maximize any tax refunds available to them.