Our mission is to end poverty and engage, equip and empower all families in CT to build a secure future.

We envision a Connecticut where all children and families thrive, regardless of income, and contribute to and share in the state’s growth. A Connecticut where low-income residents work with government, business, labor and faith leaders in developing policies and programs that ensure Connecticut’s prosperity, as well as their own.


Founded in 1910, Connecticut Association for Human Services promotes family economic security strategies that empower low-income working families to achieve financial independence. Our mission is to end poverty and engage, equip and empower all families in Connecticut to build a secure future. CAHS plays a unique role as a catalyst and convener.

CAHS works to reduce poverty and build family economic success through outreach, education, and policy work. We inform service providers and others to advocate for policy and practice changes that move low to moderate-income (LMI) families toward prosperity.

CAHS champions important issues by:

  • Promoting collaboration among ongoing initiatives to help end poverty in Connecticut.
  • Creating a supportive cross-sector network for policies and practices that ensure family economic stability.
  • Connecting to the state’s plans for strengthening its talent pipeline, recharging its economy and reducing child poverty.
  • Building new leadership across sectors to achieve these goals – a broad partnership that includes families, community leaders, nonprofit social services providers and advocates, government, business, labor, faith-based groups and policymakers.
  • Developing and strengthening policies and programs to move families out of poverty and prevent families from falling into poverty by providing universal access to supports and opportunities for low to middle-income families


A key strength of CAHS is our ability to collaborate with others. We bring together diverse interests – concerned citizens, policy makers, human service providers, corporate leaders, labor leaders, academics, state and municipal organizations and religious organizations.

In order to provide fiscal transparency we have posted our 2022 Form 990. For more information, including annual reports and financial statements, please visit the Resources page of our parent company Advancing Connecticut Together.