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Connecticut Money School (CMS) is a project led by CAHS, which provides financial capability workshops for individuals and families across Connecticut. Initially providing adults and seniors a better understanding of how to manage their finances, the success of the adult CMS program led to the creation of the Youth Money School (YMS) in 2012 serving 16-24 year olds. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience financial security and feel capable of severing the tie of inter-generational poverty.

CMS/YMS has reached over 8,000 families since 2009. Each year we broaden our scope and acquire new partners around the state.

Our Partners

The CT Money School partners with local nonprofits/ schools/community centers/churches and agencies to host workshops for their beneficiaries and/or the general public. Acknowledging the varying community efforts of each partner organization, we have created our 90 minute workshops to accommodate the needs of your audience. The Date, Time, Location, Frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, etc) and Topic sequence is completely determined by you.

To learn more contact Amanda Onochie, CNP, CT Money School Program Manager, at aonochie@cahs.org or 860-951-2212 x268.

Become An Instructor

We rely on volunteer professionals to facilitate our free, interactive workshops. Once you complete orientation our staff will connect you with a local nonprofit/school/community center/church/agency as an extension of CAHS reaching directly into your community. If you're interested in our peer to peer learning model, fill out our latest Volunteer Application or contact Nick Brundage, CMS/YMS Volunteer Coordinator, at nbrundage@cahs.org.

We have volunteers around the state and we are always in need of more! Areas of high concentration have more workshops, but we expand where our volunteers are!


Attend a Free Financial Workshop

Want to build up your own personal knowledge? Join in on a workshop in your neighborhood at your convenience. Workshop sessions are on average 90 minutes and range from issues such as budgeting to more complex concepts like investing and home ownership. To register for a workshop refer to the Workshops & Community Activity schedule.


Workshop Topics

  • Money Values and SMART Goals: How to Identity and Accomplish Your Goals*
  • Money Matters. Making Money Work for You: How to Create and Maintain a Budget That Works*
  • The ABCs of Credit & Borrowing: Everything You Need to Know About Understanding & Building Credit*
  • Healthy Banking: How to Identify, Open and Maintain a Healthy Banking Relationship*
  • Saving: How to Build Your Financial Future
  • Managing Your Credit: Identifying Ways to Build and Repair Your Credit
  • Financial Resiliency: A Springboard Back from Financial Challenges
  • Protect Yourself: Know Your Rights As a Consumer
  • Invest In Yourself: Building Wealth to Meet Your Life Goals Part 1 & 2
  • Own Your Home: The Keys and Steps Toward Home Ownership
  • Real World Expenses: How to Prepare for Independent Living*
  • Education After High School: Juggling Your Options*
  • Employment Benefits: Comparing Your Job Offers*

For full module details and objectives view the Adult Workshop Menu (PDF) or the *Youth Workshop Menu (PDF).