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Policy Briefs

pdf Property Tax Reform: A Revenue Sharing Model for Connecticut (Updated)

pdf The impact of car taxes: an unfair burden (Updated)

pdf Comparing taxes – Connecticut and other states

pdf The Connecticut budget: What is at Stake

pdf Two generation strategies – a primer

pdf  The Need for Fair Wages in Early Care and Education in Connecticut

pdf The Economic and Fiscal Impact of Low-Wage Work in Connecticut

pdf2014 Legislative session recap

pdfConnecticut State Data Fact Sheet – November 2013, NEC data

pdfThe High Cost of Low Wages

pdfThe Geography of Gun Violence in Connecticut

pdfGED in CT – A look at the Data

ECS Task Force - an Opportunity to Fix a Major Problem ECS Task Force – A Chance to Fix a Major Problem

Reversing Job Losses in Connecticut Cities

Helping the People of Connecticut During Tight Budget Times

 New Census Data Confirm Too Many Connecticut Residents Are Still Being Left Behind (with the Coalition on Human Needs)

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