Programs That Help People

Programs That Help People in Connecticut is a resource guide produced by CAHS and funded by Eversource. It is widely used by clients and service providers seeking information on programs available for clients throughout the state. This manual is updated bi-yearly with over 100,000 copies distributed to date.

Programs that Help People (English)

Programs that Help People (Spanish)

For print copies, contact Vanessa Gruden at vgruden@cahs.org or 860-951-2212 x225. Please include your full name, organization (if any) and postal address.

Note: We can mail up to 3 copies at no charge. If you need more, pick-up arrangements can be made at our Hartford location.


Working Poor Families Project

CAHS has participated in the national Working Poor Families Project since 2004. Our involvement has expanded our analysis of family economic security so that we now advocate for a better understanding of the link between child and family well-being and that of Connecticut’s economy. Without a strong workforce and parents who can provide financial security to their children, Connecticut’s economic well-being will not revive.

The increasing challenges confronting America’s working families prompted national leaders to launch the Working Poor Families Project in 2002. With assistance from The Annie E. Casey, Ford, Joyce and Kresge Foundations, this national initiative annually examines the conditions of America’s working families and supports state nonprofit organizations to strengthen state policies in order to promote economic advancement and success. To learn more, see www.workingpoorfamilies.org.