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Better Choices for CT

betterchoicesBetter Choices for Connecticut is a community coalition working to help Connecticut make smarter choices on ways to improve the state’s imbalanced revenue system so that it:

  1. advances opportunity for shared prosperity for all Connecticut residents;
  2. preserves services for children, families and the elderly;
  3. creates and sustains good jobs; and
  4. reinvests in the middle class and our communities.

Better Choices is made up of nonprofit providers, public service workers, and community and advocacy organizations.

Better Choices for Connecticut was created in 2009 out of deep concern about the growing state budget deficit, the prospect of damaging cuts to services and investments, and the need to modernize our revenue system and address a structural budget gap.

Better Choices released a White Paper in February 2009, outlining a set of revenue recommendations. In the 2009 Legislative Session, policy leaders made the state income tax more equitable by increasing the rate on households earning more than $1 million. This marks a first step, but much more must be done to modernize Connecticut’s revenue system to ensure it is equitable and sustainable.

The Coalition released a report in March 2010 and continues to educate and advocate for an adequate, fair, and sustainable revenue structure.

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