Opportunities Hartford

CAHS, in partnership with the City of Hartford, is working on a strategic effort to coordinate the educational and economic opportunities offered to the community.

The City of Hartford provides many opportunities for the people who live, learn, work, play, and worship in Connecticut’s Capital City. However, many of the opportunities designed to improve the education of residents, and enhance their prospects for better jobs, are limited in scope and not well coordinated. On their own, many promising opportunities are not backed by sufficient resources or enough capacity to make a community-wide impact.

Opportunities Hartford is a citywide effort intended to enhance and expand existing educational, job, and income opportunities in Hartford. With resources tight, the economy only slowly recovering, and too many citizens living below the poverty level, it is critical for the city’s leadership to set strategic priorities for improving educational results. Through strong executive leadership and support from all sectors, Hartford can align and coordinate the most promising efforts that now exist, while also adapting promising practices from other cities.

Led by an Opportunities Work Group comprised of CAHS and City Hall staff, the Opportunities Hartford Community Steering Committee developed a set of recommendations to be implemented over a three year period.

Currently, CAHS and The City of Hartford are working on the implementation phase of Opportunities Hartford.

For more information about Opportunities Hartfor, contact Sheryl Horowitz, Community Research and Evaluation Director, 860-951-2212 ext. 246, shorowitz@cahs.org.